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If you are experiencing chronic upper back pain, knots and kinks that limit your ability to move freely then you may want to roll your back on a daily basis. Its a quick and easy way for pain relief.

To roll your back: Start with your glutes on the ground and the Travel Roller positioned behind the thick part of the upper back. Put your hands behind your head cradling your neck. Walk your feet backwards and forwards rolling up and down your upper back muscles.
For beginners keep your hips on the ground and for more advanced lift your hips off the ground into a high glute bridge applying more load into the upper back towards the traps (shoulder muscles). Explore different positions by reaching your arms to the side and retracting your shoulder blades to get deeper into the erector spine muscles or any tight trigger point areas. Use your Travel Roller Acupressure balls for even deeper tissue massage, to work out the kinks. When you are done the upper back, re-position the Travel Roller behind the neck.When rolling throughout your back use with extreme caution.

Beginner upper back

Beginner upper back

Intermediate Back with a twist

Intermediate Back with a twist


Upper Trap

This Is How We Roll®:

Movement Prep: 3-10 minutes (science: autogenic inhibition = desensitize)

Pre exercise! This is activation/awareness/kinesthetic/mobilization work with high-end primitive foundation movements to assist your functional movement preparation for any training session!

Regeneration/Recovery: 10-45 minutes (science: ischemic compression = progressive pressure on low oxygen areas to free fascial tension and deliver blood)

Never immediately post exercise! Not within 3hrs of hard training! Never on inflamed or injured areas! Before sleep is ideal.

  1. Static compression on especially restricted areas for long periods of time up to 2min
  2. Subtle changes in position with exaggerated rocking and kneading actions
  3. Mimic what your sport massage therapist’s hands, forearms and elbows do on you!
  4. Should never feel tight or sore during rolling or after. Lightness and improved range.
  5. Use the acuballs for more accurate treatment, feet J, use balls against the wall in upper back!
  6. Tag team with dynamic range work and corrective activation. (Use stretching band located in the Deluxe Acupressure Kit)

Watch the Upper Back video instruction here—>

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