TR exTReme and hard ball

3.8 Athlete Kit (HARD)


Travel Roller 3.8 exTReme + TR BALL ELITE KIT (Hard density)

Designed for exTReme individuals, who like their foam roller precise and EXTRA firm! Designed for Athletes, Runners, Cross-fitters, Athletes & anyone who needs that NEXT LEVEL FOAM ROLLER! Single Layer TPE Foam technology, with inner storage closures, red inner pipe.  Free online instruction.  Includes are most popular: Hard trigger point release ball, with extreme grip, to provide very deep tissue massage out foot pain, trigger points, and back pain.

Product Description

Travel Roller 3.8 exTReme + TR BALL ELITE combo

Revitalize your daily recovery with the Travel Roller®3.8 exTReme kit. This therapeutic hard density foam roller and mobility ball combo delivers deep and targeted self-massage to tense muscles.  It’s the perfect portable performance gift for any active individual who wants to bring their regeneration to the next level of awesomeness.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
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