perfect team and clinic pack for athletes, physiotherapy and chiropractic

WHOLESALE Professional Clinic/ Team 12 Pack


Clinic/Team pack of 12 Travel Roller 4.3s.  This is retail price,  email us  to get your coupon code for professional discounts. SELECT Quantity of 1 for 12 Travel Rollers of the same color.

Perfect Retail Ready solution for small businesses: Professional clinics, teams, trainers, studios and bulk options.

  • The Original Travel Roller® -The High Performance Portable Foam Roller
  • Inner Storage compartment -for fitness accessories, clothes, water bottle etc.
  • Laminated Exercise poster and free online THIS IS HOW WE ROLL education
  • Double layer of Luxurious Foam- Adjustable density (Toxin Free)
  • Smaller 4.3 diameter -firm inner core for deepest precise massage
  • Closed Cell Foam -Washable, waterproof & resists bacteria growth
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


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Product Description

Master case of 12units for Professional Clinics, trainers and athletic teams!

Self Myo-fascial Release can Improve Performance, Reduce Injury and is an essential tool for every athlete to manage their own pain. It makes and excellent clinical tool essential for rehab and repair at home. The Travel Roller helps improve body and mind awareness and becomes their 24/7 massage therapist on the road, pre/post games and at home.

Travel Roller’s density is much firmer then other foam rollers as the diameter is smaller 4.3 inches, the foam is grippy so it grips the skin and you can apply shear, torque and compression much more effectively in your release moves, especially in dense tissue. It also has an adjustable layer design where you can take off the top layer make it firmer or even roll on the pipe. Using small quick precise rolling movement you can dis-inhibit the areas on the athletes to get them to function faster/stronger/quicker! Players can store their acupressure balls/bands inside the TR for quick trigger point release. Take with them on the road anywhere they practice, play or travel.

The Travel Roller Professional re-seller pack is designed for chiropractors, physiotherapists and teams. For professional discounts email us and learn how to become a re-seller of our amazing product line up!

Additional Information

Weight 18.6 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 15 x 14 in


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