Diane Lee & Mark Finch

“There are several features of the Travel Roller, which are unique and thus make this product stand apart from other ‘foam rollers’. First and foremost is it’s size. The curvature is such that you can reach the toned/tight areas of the axilla and groin much easier and with much greater specificity. It is short and light, which as it’s name suggests facilitate travel. The surface material is ‘tacky’ and holds the superficial layers of fascia firm while the deeper layers of fascia can be accessed by ‘rolling/translating from the inside out’ and not merely sliding on the roller. The Travel Roller is a highly useful clinical tool and at Diane Lee & Associates – Consultants in Physiotherapy, we have one in every treatment room and highly endorse the product to our patients.”

Choice tool for physiotherapists Choice tool for physiotherapists

“To achieve good tissue release, clients need to induce compression, shear and stretch in their tissues. The Travel Roller has just the right amount of firmness and grip to do this. It is the best roller I have come across.”
Mark Finch, RMT, KMI

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