Rachel McBride – Professional Triathlete

I have been stretching and rolling the bejeezus out of my entire body with my Travel Roller and Accu Balls every day. Not only is this helping my tired shoulders and back recover from all the swimming and strength training I’ve been doing, but also helps stretch out and activate every muscle in my poor legs that have not been seeing much movement other than physio exercises and water running. I’m a serious fan of this roller. Rolling has become a regular part of my training and recovery. Apart from massaging the muscle, it also complements the regular fascia release I get from Rolfing. And it says it in the name – the Travel Roller kit packs so well when I’m on the road. The 3 AccuBalls fit inside, and I can stuff a few pairs of socks or what have you in the the remainder. No waste of space in my bag!

Rachel McBride Triathlete

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