Travel Roller is the official foam roller for performance & recovery of Volleyball Canada.el Roller
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Travel Roller® is the official supplier and foam roller for performance & recovery of Volleyball Canada (VB).  Foam Rolling is an essential part of self-therapy on the road and practicing to be your best!


Improve Athletic PerformanceImprove your athletic performance by improving muscle function and recovering faster!

Roll away the pain, massage out the kinks and improve your flexibility!

TravelRoller Team pack

Travel Roller is the smallest, most durable, user-friendly body roller on the market. The compact and ergonomically correct size allows the user to self massage in key areas related to athletic performance. Canada’s top volleyball players have already benefited from the partnership and use the Travel Roller product as part of their routines.


“The team is pleased to see this partnership with Travel Roller,” said Glenn Hoag, Volleyball Canada’s men’s National Team coach. “It’s a product that assists our athletes in their game preparation, and helps with the recovery process after training and matches. Every little bit helps at our level of play, and we’re happy to welcome this Canadian company as part of the team.”


Incorporate foam rolling into your team workout for optimal core strength, improving flexibility and injury prevention.
Some of the top injuries you can receive from Volleyball are:
1. Knee  2. Shoulders  3. Back


Is very important to prevent repetitive strain injuries that can effect your performance, well-being and happiness level. Foam rolling using the Travel Roller before you train is a simple solution that will give you the results you need. Its also great way to care for your body on a daily basis.
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