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Foam rolling is a unique technique that can restore function to muscles that have lost integrity due to hard training and repetitive movement. By applying the foam roller to involved areas and releasing the soft-tissue, the repair and restoration of full integrity will dramatically allow the athlete to recover faster and maximally allow the muscles to function this will lead to improved athletic performance. The effect of an optimally functioning muscle system means more stability for the athletes. Stability of the muscular system will allow for greater strength, power, stamina, mobility and flexibility, which are all required for the athlete to perform at their best.

IT band Rolling for Performance

 Functional Lines: The beautiful contra lateral movement muscles that work to deliver powerful sprinting actions and deliberate tennis strokes or a hockey shot and volleyball spike. These fascial lines tend to operate best with the upper and lower crossed syndromes resolved or mostly treated, as well as the other fascial lines are working well. When the functional lines are optimized, we find the results of the best athletes putting on tremendous shows of power and movement. It is not the absence of the other lines or the dominance of the functional lines, rather the large cross body power development which gives the functional lines there big role in big movement.

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