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foam rolling doctor recommended

The Travel Roller® is Dr. Recommenced by many of the top physiotherapist and chiropractors.  Foam rolling is an excellent tool to release soft-tissues to aid in the recovery of injuries. By repairing the areas of injury it can dramatically speed recovery and completely restore function of the involved muscles. Given that most injuries are an effect of cumulative micro-trauma, foam rolling can also assist in preventing injuries by controlling the trauma that does occur and correct the problem before it escalates to impair body function or develop a symptomatic problem. It further can be used as a screening tool to monitor evolving problems that we are quite often unaware of.

Having good blood circulation is critical for having healthy tissues. Foam rolling constantly allows constant exchange of nutrients and wastes at the cellular level, which is also an amazing reason why you should be foam rolling. An important part of keeping the immune system healthy is creating a healthy flow of fluid through the lymphatic system.

If you experience stiff joints and muscles its also important to keep a steady blood flow to these tissues. You can create more oxygen in your tissues, especially the ones that are lacking blood supply and need a turn over of cells and removal of wastes. Those sore, tight and painful muscles may be a sign that your body needs attention and its time to get rolling! Your body will thank you!

Alot of people complain that they have weak glutes or their muscles hurt. Well the good news is that maybe your glutes are just fine, but they may be inhibited. Do you wonder what this means?! Here is why the Travel Roller is Dr. Recommended over other foam rollers.

If you feel your glutes weak or are they inhibited then watch this helpful video with Dr. Emmons to learn more now!


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