Mobility & Stability


Improved mobility and Stability
Improved mobility & stability

Travel Roller® Simplified Theory:

  • We are born with correct alignment, ideal squat patterns and pain free bodies!
  • Body joints are designed with a natural alternating pattern of mobility (m) and stability(s): foot(s), ankle (m), knee(s), hip (m), lumbar/core(s), thorax (m), scapulo-thoracic(s), glenohumeral (m)
  • How does this natural alternating pattern breakdown? Trauma, Thoughts, Toxins, Technique. All leading to asymmetries, mobility loss, decrease in joint range of motion, and injury as the fascia compensates, thickens, and starts to turn the muscles from elastics into straps! This all leads to neuro-muscular conditions of inhibition and dysfunction. Luckily, fascia is like plastic and can be released with effective manual compression in combination with reduction of the cause(s) (four T’s)!
  • Without mobility, stability is not possible! Mobilize ankles, hips, thorax, and gleno-humeral joints!

Solution: 1. Myofascial treatment from experts! Seek skilled physiotherapist, massage therapist, chiropractors and healers.

2. A non-deforming ergonomically correct body roller that can be used to self-treat the entire body and can be taken everywhere… Travel Roller!

3. Corrective strength and flexibility training from a movement specialist/trainer or coach!

More on Mobility & Stability continuum:

 An important piece in understanding the functional dream, to oppose the upper and lower crossed syndromes, is the correct altering stability mobility paradigm as originally discussed by Gray Cook. This is a modern understanding of the human body, joint by joint, allows us to understand that the most functional bodies contain an alternating pattern of stability and mobility from joint to joint. Starting with the feet which are ideally stable, the ankle – mobile, the knee – stable, the hip – mobile, the torso – stable, the thoracic spine – mobile, the scapula – stable, the shoulder – mobile, the elbow – stable, and the wrist mobile. As anyone of these joints loses its full mobility or stability, it causes a compensatory dysfunction on either side of its connections within the body, and potentially beyond across all aspects of the body.

As we look to optimize this theory of ideal mobility and stability within the body, we find ourselves looking towards optimizing mobility with self myofascial release and completing stabilization and corrective exercise on the other aspects of the body. Any over use of the mobilizations without the appropriate and balancing stabilization work would unbalance the ideal alternating patterns.



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