Optimal Wellness

DR. Tim foam rolls his piriformis and flute muscles

Optimal Wellness can happen at any age, you just need the right tools and the right attitude!  The Travel Roller® is not just for young athletes but all ages. By rolling daily you will maximize the recovery of your body and optimize the function of your muscular system. Learning to take good care of your body by self-therapy is a great way to achieve optimal wellness.  Foam rolling using the Travel Roller® helps to remove the inhibitory processes associated with daily stress and strain on your muscles, which is cumulative. So, for those of you who have put in many years of hard work, athletic training combined with life stress and injury the toll could be very large.  That why its so important to just start rolling as much as you can to get o the road to recovery and wellness.  This will keep your body stable and limber and most capable to allow you to start leading a healthy lifestyle.

Benefit from improved flexibility and posture and optimal wellness.  Using the Travel Roller® in combination with the acupressure balls and flexibility band you can start feeling more energized, mobile and youthful in just 5 mins a day.

There are many different ways you can use the Travel Roller, against a wall, calves on a coffee table and progressions with our acupressure balls that can help you feel optimal wellness on a daily basis.  Go to the How to Roll page for more information.

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