Strengthen Core

Tone your body and strengthen core
Tone your body and strengthen your core, glutes and shoulder muscles while rolling away tension.
The Travel Roller is an amazing way to tone your body not only by foam rolling through sore muscles and kinks but it also has a secondary benefit that its a great core exercise.  Imagine that, you can get a massage and work out at the same time, amazing!!  Well we don’t actually recommend that foam rolling be your entire workout, but it definitely will warm up your core as you dynamically move your body around the Travel Roller. The amount of front bridging, side bridging and planks can really add up into a whole lot of planking. And we all know that planking is amazing for training your transverse abdominus muscles and strengthening your core from the inside out!  By supporting your body on your shoulders, wrists and glutes you can also build some serious upper body stability and strength!
You can effectively strengthen your shoulders, glues and core by maneuvering yourself around on the ground daily in an alternating glute bridge, and plank core positions.



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